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This boot has been designed for secure fit and comfort. No more bulky batteries, cords or pads that slip or don't fit snugly.

Price is for a single boot.

Each boot has 34 - 92 LED chips with two frequencies each chip. Red (660nm) and Infra-Red (850nm). These can be used as red only, all together or infra-red only.

Push the buttons once: Red (660nm). This is for treating issues close to the surface such as wounds, scars, heat and inflammation, skin issues.

Push the button again: Red/Infra-Red. This targets not only the surface area but penetrates to a depth of 50mm which is beneficial for deeper structures such as tendons, ligaments, joints etc.

Push the button again: Infra-Red (840nm) lights only. This setting is for tendon/ligament recovery and restoration of the muscle tissue. Please note that Infra-Red is invisible to the naked eye so it will appear off but the green button light will still be on.

If you press the power button for more then 3 seconds the button illuminates blue and the pad will be in pulse mode.

The intensity of the Tendon Boot is 100mW/cm^2 the treatment time for tendon/ligament recovery is 10 minutes. 5 minutes for rehabilitation and joint issues.

Canine Red/Infra Therapy Leg Boot

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